Tech Support Scale

When I was in middle school, I used to write papers on our typewriter. Yeah... I'm that old. When I hit the wrong key, I had to go back and re-type the accidental letter a dozen times with the white tape to cover up the mistake, leaving a grayish smudge where the faulty letter once was. Typing a paper took forever. And the second draft took forever again, because the whole paper had to be re-typed. Freaking nightmare!

In high school I would go to my aunt's house to type papers because she had a computer... a really nice one with a six-inch, black-and-white monitor. Correcting typing mistakes was a lot easier... the challenge was getting the words from the screen to the paper. After sending the document to print, I generally had a copy of it in my hand in six to eight weeks.

Then computers suddenly got cool. I can't even imagine a world without email now. No email? Without email, how would I communicate with people I don't want to talk to? I used to have to buy film and have it developed... meaning I even had to pay for the pictures that sucked. What? And I actually had to get up and leave my house to go Christmas shopping? What was I... a caveman? And don't even get me started on having to go to the library to learn things, or needing to find a newspaper to see if the Lakers won. How did I not realize at the time how miserable life was? Luckily I see it now so I can complain about it retrospectively... retroactively? I don't know... retro-somethingly.

As great as computers are, I know very little about them. If something goes wrong, I fall back on the old "control-alt-delete" combo. If that doesn't fix it, I'm out of ideas. For someone who uses the computer for everything, I certainly am a computery idiot.

I haven't had a lot of time to draw lately... Wii got a we. I'm an incredible tennis player when I don't have to run.

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