Otters Are Jerks

While watching BBC's Planet Earth a couple of days ago, I saw some footage that blew my mind... and now I know something I'd never even assumed before: otters are complete jerks. It's true! Much like high school girls who seem sweet and innocent in pictures or when there's just one of them present, otters become largely unbearable when they're in groups.

The clip shows a romp of otters (which is what pretentious people call a group of otters, even though "group of otters" would obviously suffice) nipping at the tail of an unthreatening crocodile and backing down another crocodile for no good reason. The narration explains that a crocodile "could easily take a single otter, but confident in their gangs, the otters will actively harass these great reptiles."

I love that the crocodiles are buying it... allowing themselves to be intimidated by a parcel of squeaky toys (which is what pretentious people call a group of squeaky toys). If a crocodile would just gobble up a handful of otters, I imagine the tide would turn. Until then... otters are jerks.

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