Hot Dog on a Stick

I considered several titles for this one. Lil' Smokie... based on the name of the delicious, bite-sized sausages I overate in college. American Dog... the title of one of Disney's upcoming animated films. And Well Done Little Dog... with the comma purposely omitted. But in the end I opted for Hot Dog on a Stick, because I admire restaurants that choose to exist only in mall food courts. No sell-out, street-side locations for that employee-humiliating hot dog chain.

On the topic of humiliating your employees... what's with the unfortunate hats? Luckily for us, I already looked into it. Based on the
Hot Dog on a Stick website, "the uniform was inspired by a whimsical mid-1960's trend when jockey caps and hot pants were in style." This just in... jockey caps and hot pants were NEVER in style. The site also claims that "the employees say the hats make their jobs more fun." Is that what they say? Just when they thought deep-frying a corn dog couldn't get any jollier, along came the fun-inducing jockey caps?

So anyway, I went with Hot Dog a Stick for my title, because Crispy Terrier on a Flag Pole won't get as many Google hits. Or will it? I drew this for the
Avalanche Art Blog. The topic was Dragons. I fear my wife is ashamed of me again... she tends to not approve of my barbecue-themed drawings.

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