Mary Poppins

I love Mary Poppins! But as wonderful as that movie is, I'm actually talking about Mary herself... the fictional nanny. I love her. My wife knows I feel this way, and she's okay with it... probably because, even if Mary Poppins was real, she would now be in her early 70's. When I was a kid, she seemed old and disagreeable, but then I grew up and was pleased to learn that Mary Poppins is actually quite hot. It's a jolly holiday with Mary... no wonder that it's Mary that I love.

Mary Poppins is seriously my favorite movie ever, and not just because I have a disturbing, 40-year outdated crush on Julie Andrews. Dick Van Dyke and David Tomlinson should have won Oscars for it like Julie Andrews and the Sherman Brothers did. While we're at it... let's give a Lifetime Achievement Award to the penguin waiters. Eminem has an Oscar... then why not the penguins?

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