I grew up with three sisters and a mom… the only man of the house (as long as you don’t object to using the word “man” that loosely). While my friends were watching The Dukes of Hazzard and The A-Team with their brothers and dads, I was watching The Love Boat and The Facts of Life with the Lewis women. Thanks to this lack of childhood exposure to boyish things, I grew up without much interest in comic books or superheroes… unless you consider Tootie a superhero. There would be a case for that, but I’m not going to make it right now.

This week’s Toon Club topic was Spider-Man… a topic I don’t have a lot of background in. Instead of trying to draw a character who has been expertly drawn millions of times before, I decided to return to my “monkeys as superheroes” theme and draw the Spider-Monkey. I’ll leave the actual superhero drawings to people who know more about Peter Parker than they know about Mrs. G.

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