Flooding the House

As a kid I had glorious visions of filling up our entire house with water and swimming from room to room. It never bothered me that most of my possessions would be destroyed in the flood or that my family would immediately die from electrocution if someone were to turn on the TV. Even knowing that the lack of breathing would only allow me to enjoy my aquatic wonder-home for about a minute before I drowned didn't stand in my way. All imaginable impossibilities aside, there was only one reason I never actually turned on all of the faucets and flooded the house. You guessed it... sharks.

Heaven knows, as soon as your house if full of water, it's only a matter of two or three minutes before sharks show up. And despite what shark experts keep telling me, sharks ARE mindless, eating machines.

Now that I think about it, though, it's not just incoming sharks that sour me on this idea. I've just realized that a small portion of my house-pool would inevitably be made up of at least some percentage of toilet water. So if it weren't for sharks and toilet water, this would be an excellent idea. But as reality stands, I don't think I'll flood my house on purpose... probably.

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