My Chipalobuffamunk & Me

When I saw that this week's Toon Club topic was "Imaginary Friends," I didn't know what I would draw. I never had any imaginary friends... unless all my friends were imaginary. I guess that would explain the low turnout for my birthday party.

I decided to turn my childhood self into a character from
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends... a fine show on Cartoon Network. Seeing my t-shirt, you may assume that this drawing is set in 1981. But if you watch our home movies (and don't) you'll see that I was wearing that same "81" shirt on four consecutive Christmas mornings. So all the numbered t-shirt indicates is that it was not before 1981.

Sadly, the head-to-body size comparison here is not a caricature... which is probably why I never changed shirts. Squeezing my giant noggin through tiny neck holes has nearly ripped off my ears on several occasions. I'd probably still be wearing that t-shirt if I hadn't torn through the thing like an angry Incredible Hulk in late '85.

Got the Lakers shorts and high-tops going there too... I was quite a Lakers fan in the 80's. Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Scott, Cooper... hey! The 80's Lakers were my imaginary friends! I'm so glad I finally put this together. Thanks for missing my birthday party... stupid Lakers.

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