Battling Ram

A battering ram is a siege engine... something like a large log, which, when propelled with significant force, is able to crush through walls or break open locked doors and gates. A battling ram is what dumb people call a battering ram.

As long as I'm on the topic of sounding stupid... it's not "I could care less." If you ever tell someone you could care less, please follow that statement up with a list of some of the things you could possibly care less about: CD jewel cases, Jamaican law, discarded staples, etc. If you don't care at all, the phrase is, "I couldn't care less." That means anything is a more compelling topic to you, such as, "I couldn't care less than I do about this lesson in grammar."

I drew this so people who think it's called a battling ram would feel a little less stupid, and then I wrote this to counteract what I drew. This week's Toon Club topic was "Gladiators." I once met a man in Germany who said he was a gladiator in his previous life. As it turns out, the gladiator who killed him in that life is his mom in this life. Small world.

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