Modern Mallard

I drew this for our "Chicken Little: Ace in Action" game. In one of the cinematics, Abby references Modern Mallard magazine and waves a copy of it around. We probably should have handed my rough sketch off to one of our incredibly talented Avalanche painters, but for some reason we didn't, so now my rough, little magazine cover has an appearance in the game. This duck is pretty much a direct rip off of Mulan... at least as far as her attire goes. It's nice working for Disney because you can totally rip off Disney and no one cares.

I decided to post this because I haven't drawn much lately. I went to Disneyland for a few days last week. My brother and I ran into
Tony Robbins in the elevator at our motel. In an elevator with Tony Robbins? Hey, isn't this an exact scene from "Shallow Hal." I even shook his giant hand.

More stuff on the way soon.

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