Drawing a Flying Pig

Did my blog really need another flying pig? Probably not, but this one kind of happened on its own. On Saturday I decided to make a video showing the transition from "blank piece of paper" to "finished, colored, character sketch" and put it on YouTube for the world to yawn about. After setting up our video camera on the kitchen table and pressing the "record" button, I realized I still didn't know what I intended to draw. Turns out the "flying pig" is my default sketch... so here he is.

And no - those aren't special effects. This is actually how I hold a pencil. You'd think they would spend a day in pre-school or Kindergarten teaching kids how to hold a pencil. By the time my third grade teacher tried to correct me, it was too late. I was already hooked on my self-taught, semi-retarded, freak way. I like it, though... mostly because my thumb doesn't have to work at all. It can just hang out while the rest of the hand does the work.

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