Pingu Platinum Collection (2007)

Pingu Platinum Collection (2007)Pingu Platinum Collection (2007)

Pingu is a Swiss clay animated television series created by Otmar Gutman and produced by HiT Entertainment, Hot Animation and the Pygos Group for the BBC, about a family of penguins who live at the South Pole. The main character is their son and title character, Pingu. As of April 2009, Pingu is still seen daily on PBS Kids Sprout in the US.


*Bouncy Fun
*Robby the Snowboarder
*Pingu's Ice Sculptures
*Pingu and the Band
*Pingu's Bedtime Shadows
*Pingu's Stick-Up
*Pingu and the Doorbell
*Stinky Pingu
*Pingu and the Snowball
*Pottery Pingu
*Pingu at the Sledge Academy
*Pinga in a Box
*Pingu and the Paper Mache
*Pingu and the Toyshop
*Pingu and the School Pet
*Pingu and the Braces
*Pingu and the Abominable Snowman
*Pingu Boogaloo

Release Date : 15 Jan 2007
Genre: Family | Animation

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