Pingu Boogaloo (2006)

Pingu Boogaloo (2006)Pingu Boogaloo (2006)

More adventures with Pingu, the penguin who lives and plays at the South Pole. With the company of his parents, his sister Pinga and his friend Robbie the Seal, Pingu finds himself in amusing and tricky situations that kids have come to love.

It’s Boogie Time!

Dance, fly a plane and ride a scooter in this fantastic collection of stories from our loveable penguin friend, Pingu!

And For the first time ever, meet Pingu’s brand new friend Bajoo the Abominable Snowman.

Pingu Boogaloo
Pingu And The Daily Igloo
Pingu And The Rubberband Plane
Pingu And The Braces
Pingu’s Big Catch
Pingu And The New Scooter
Pingu And The Paint
Pingu Makes A Big Splash
Pingu And The Abominable Snowman

Release Date: 10 April 2006
Genre: Family | Animation

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