Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day... the one day of the year that Michael Bolton's music doesn't drive me crazy. That's a lie. But it is the one day of the year that I don't find the color pink nauseating. Another lie. But, honestly... Valentine's Day is the one day of the year that I'm not allowed to watch "Lost" because it's not romantic enough. Why a Wednesday, Valentine's Day?
My poor wife... she puts up with a lot. And I hope she puts up with this drawing being her Valentine's gift, because there's no "Plan B." I drew this Valentine for my wife, but I'm giving it to each of you in the spirit of the elementary school rule that, if you bring a Valentine for one person, you have to bring one for everyone. That rule was the only reason I ever got a Valentine... and the reason I was certain that all the hot girls in my 4th grade class were totally into me.

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