Tortoise vs Hare

A while ago I downloaded "Texas Hold 'Em" to my cell phone. I use my phone more for that game than I do for talking to people. So far I've won 1240 tournaments and 42 world championships. I would calculate how much time I've wasted, but the results would be depressing... and my only calculator is on my phone, and I'm not about to waste valuable battery time on a boring calculator.

I've learned a lot from playing cell phone poker:
1 - There is no money in cell phone poker, but you don't lose any either.
2 - Don't ever go "all in" on a "7-high."
3 - It's very difficult but not impossible to bluff a cell phone.

This is my version of
The Tortoise and the Hare. I'm not sure why I put a casino spin on it. I lived in Las Vegas when I was a kid, so maybe gambling is still in my blood, or at least in my blue Col-erase pencil.

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