The Ugly Duckling

Why did the other ducks target one as the "ugly duckling?" Aren't ALL ducks ugly? Never in my life have I seen even one attractive duck. Fortunately I don't really look at them that way. If I ever see a duck that strikes me as "really hot," then I've got problems.

If you're familiar with the story, you already know that (spoiler warning) the "duckling" is actually a swan. I didn't draw him that way here... mine is more of a (spoiler warning) mallard. So apparently ducks aren't only ugly, they're also a little bit dumb and species-recognition-challeged. And that's the ugliest ugly there is.

The ugliest duck is an actual duck... unless he's a duckling, because baby everythings are at least a little bit cute, even if admitting that takes me one step closer to a problem area I noted previously.

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