Super Gorilla

In Christopher Reeve’s Superman II, Clark reveals to Lois that he is actually Superman by removing his glasses. She never saw through his intricate disguise before that moment? Way to go, Lois... you're being bumped up to detective. As long as the Daily Planet staff was dumb as dirt, Clark Kent might as well have been a gorilla. Why is Clark never around when Super Gorilla shows up? I wonder if they're the same... wait - Clark's a gorilla who wears glasses.

One other thing that's different about Super Gorilla is that he can't fly. He's just really strong, unless you compare him to other gorillas, in which case he's just average, kind of like how I'd be considered incredibly intelligent if I lived and worked among gorillas... or how I'd at least be considered one of the smartest... well, certainly not the dumbest... almost certainly.

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