New York City

When my wife and I returned home after a week in New York City, I wanted to summarize our entire trip with a single sketch. What should I draw? The Statue of Liberty? Too predictable. Times Square? Already been drawn a million times by artists far better than me. The $17 cheeseburger I ate? Seventeen dollars? I don't spend that much on shoes! In the end I decided to draw the handsome gentlewoman who sauntered by on 14-inch heels last Friday night in Grand Central Station. A thing of beauty... emphasis on "thing"... and scratch the "beauty."

How huge is Central Park? They can't put up a few signs in there along the countless, winding paths to help people find their way out? We wandered around that labyrinth for nearly two hours looking for an escape. I'd heard there were homeless people who live there. They're not homeless - they're just stuck.

We saw the Lion King... Broadway tickets are expensive. We could have bought upwards of three cheeseburgers each for what we spent to get into that show. It was good, though. The costumes were great. We also went to the Late Show with David Letterman... well, he met us there. And somehow we lucked into a show that had Brian Regan as one of the guests. He's hilarious... one of my favorite comedians ever. We also got to see the exact place where King Kong died after being shot down by airplanes... a moment of silence.

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