How accurate is it to categorize manatees as "wildlife?" Surfacing for air is about the wildest thing they do, and I've seen pine cones more full of life. It's nearly impossible to tell the difference between a manatee and a log floating at sea. The only way you can tell is if one of them appaers to smile at you for a second... that's the log.

Over the weekend we went to see Jim Gaffigan's stand-up comedy show. He's a funny man, and he was nice too. He hung around after to sign autographs and pose for pictures for everyone who wanted one. It was Jim's "manatee" material that inspired me to draw these ugly things. "You can call me the manatee!" "Yeah right, sea cow."

What is the plural of "manatee?" Menatee? If you stare at this drawing for a while, it's pretty much the same experience as going to see them in an aquarium. Wave to them. Did they wave back? Of course not... stupid sea cattle.

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