Our Enormous TV

Last Friday we got a 62-inch TV. I was at work when it was delivered so when I got home, I went straight to our family room. When I saw the giant thing... I laughed. Compared to the size of that room, our TV looks absurd. 62-inches isn't the biggest TV you can buy, but in a room where the furthest you can sit from it is about 10 feet... well, it's ridiculous. And I love it! We watched Finding Nemo that night. As the fish swam across the screen, I had to turn my head to follow. Wonderful!

I also played XBox. In Star Wars Battlefront, the Battle Droid I was using was about two feet tall. I could see Clones hiding in the brush from a few hundred yards away. I played Burnout, and the car I was driving was bigger than my actual car.

I've accomplished nothing since the TV's arrival... unless you count watching TV, in which case I've accomplished a TON. Why do we even have a family room... or a house, for that matter? It's all just somewhere to watch TV. Bring on football season!

Also... today is my 3rd anniversary. So happy anniversary to my lovely wife, to whom the last three years has probably seemed like 40.

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