Hooray for PIXAR!

PIXAR has done it again! If you haven't seen Cars yet, you can still read this. I won't give anything away. I saw Cars twice on its opening day, and to sum up... I absolutely LOVE it! PIXAR's track record remains perfect... the best movie studio ever. John Lasseter for President! I even wore a Hawaiian shirt to work today in honor of him.

The movie is funny, sad, sentimental, touching, sweet, good, entertaining, and everything else that a movie should be. The voice casting was perfect, the backgrounds were beautiful, the lighting gorgeous, the detail amazing... and I can't believe the animators were able to get so much life and expression out of CARS! But above all, the thing that has made all of PIXAR's movies so great... STORY!

This is the part where I don't give anything away. Too bad - there's so much I could say. Go see it now! And don't leave before the credits are done like most of the people in our theater did. I was happy to see a tribute to Joe Ranft... a key reason this movie's story was so full of heart and fun.

I would love to get to work with the PIXAR story people some day. Story's what I do and what I love, and no one does it like them. I need to get in there and learn from them before any of them leave, taking their story sense with them. They have a storage shed full of my portfolios... eventually I'll draw something to get their attention. It just hasn't happened yet.

PIXAR continues to save animation... my favorite of all forms of entertainment. Until I finally am given an opportunity to be a part of PIXAR, I remain one of their biggest fans. Hooray for them! Hooray for Cars!

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