God Bless Aamerica!

Well, it's nearly another 4th of July... the day we celebrate our country's independence by blowing stuff up and starting wildfires that threaten our homes and our lives. Irresponsibility with fire is what freedom is all about... so hip hip for 230 years of independence and hooray for flame-retardant clothing!

This week's Toon Club topic was "Patriotism." I decided to branch out a little from the normal patriotic symbols and create a new one. Considering the endangerment of the bald eagle, it's time we shift our focus to a different animal... perhaps one whose livelihood won't be threatened by our freedom-loving, fireworking, forest burning ways. It's time we look abroad for a national symbol - one we can't kill off quite as easily. And so I present...

The Aardvark! (The extra "A" is for "America.")

Of unlikely interest to many if not all... the word "aardvark" means "earth pig," indicating that what we know as the common pig is possibly otherworldly. All the more reason to fear them and eat bacon.

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