The Old Man and the Sea

I've always loved being in the ocean... riding the waves... struggling for breath... trying to free my arms from the kelp and sea weed that entangles them... the taste of salt in my nose... and don't get me started on the deadly sea creatures. If I'm at the beach, I'm only on the beach long enough to get to the water. No resting on the sand for me - I love being in the ocean.

My favorite of all oceanic features is undertoe. I remember being told by my mom when I was a child to "be careful - the undertoe will pull you right out to sea." I didn' t really know what undertoe was, but I was very against what it intended to do to me. This old man is a victim of undertoe. Luckily for him, he has a yellow tube. He should be able to flag down a plane or a cruise ship with it, you'd think. And give him a coule more days... his sunburned skin will be visible from space. Here's a closer view of The Old Man and the Sea:

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