Chili with Nachos or Somethin'

As I walked through the Wal-Mart parking lot yesterday, a handsome couple inspired to me to draw this. They seemed quite concerned as they inspected the car's floor together, and as I passed I heard her say:

"Maybe you had some chili in some nachos or somethin'."

Did they disregard some substance in their car for such a long time that it had become unrecognizable? Or were they comprising a comprehensive "vomit ingredients" list? Maybe they just realized for the first time that their car and their clothes and their hair and their skin smell awful, and they were trying to find something other than their shoddy grooming habits to blame for it. Whatever the case, her comment combined with their appearance was GOLD! It was clear they needed to be featured on my blog.

Trashy, confused Wal-Mart couple who's stuck in the 80's... you're an inspiration to me.

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