Widescreen vs Full Screen

Maleficent is a reasonably pretty lady with stunning cheek bones, but she manages to mask that beauty and elegance beneath a giant cloak of "crazy." Where do you have to be mentally to vow to kill a baby because you weren't invited to a party? With Mr. Blackbird on her shoulder, she keeps company with semi-retarded demons, and she not only has the ability to turn into a dragon, but she actually found the need for it at least once in her life. I would gladly try my hand at defending her in a court of law, because it's clear that "evil" takes a backseat to "insanity" with that one. She's definitely one of my favorite villains ever.

Disney's Sleeping Beauty is a pretty good movie... unless you see it in widescreen, in which case it's about the best movie ever! I'm amazed that anyone is buying full screen movies. I've heard people say, "I don't like the black bars?" So don't look at them. I'd rather have black bars on the top and bottom of the screen than unviewable characters and actions taking place beyond the borders of my TV. Look at this shot from Sleeping Beauty... the full screen version cuts out two of the goons. How will they prove to their friends that they were even in this movie?
Most of the new TV's that are being made are in widescreen format. As soon as widescreen TV's are your only option, you full-sreen DVD-buyers will have black bars on the sides of the picture instead of the top and bottom. But whatever kind of TV you have, you'll always be missing part of the picture. It's like wearing horse blinders to the Grand Canyon (which I would only recommend for pack mules, because those trails are dangerous, and you pack mules need to be focused on the path ahead). But if you ever go to the Grand Canyon, see the whole thing without horse blinders... in widescreen... the way it was divinely intended.

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