The Walrus & the Carpenter

This week's Toon Club topic is "The Walrus and the Carpenter" from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass. I love Disney's version in Alice in Wonderland... one of my favorite animated segments from anything ever.

Based on the weird things Lewis Carroll wrote, I would not doubt that he had plenty of conversations with walruses, but the rest of us would likely find that quite impossible due to the common belief that walruses do not speak... not of shoes, nor of ships, nor of sealing wax. So for this story to be at all believable, we are to logically assume that the carpenter is completely insane. I picture him a Robinson Crusoe-like character who forces the local marine life to wear clothes he makes out of driftwood and then has conversations "with" them about cabbages and kings.

Tom Hanks befriended a volleyball. The carpenter? A dignified walrus chap.

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