Man's Best Friend?

Man's best friend... is that what dogs are? Then explain what happens to my so-called "best friend" when he stops in front of the TV on a big 4th-and-inches play. Let's be honest... man's best friend is food, then TV, then football, then football on TV, followed by cars, naps, video games, airplanes, model trains, and so on. Based on my findings, dogs are wedged way down the list somewhere between "chopping down trees" and "buying a new belt."

I'm just kidding - I like dogs. In many ways a dog is just a football with a tongue. They share the same blank stare, I've tripped over both in the dark, and loads of frustration can be instantly relieved by punting one over the neighbor's fence. Relax, everyone... if the dog didn't want to be kicked, he wouldn't have looked so much like a kicking tee. Relax again... I didn't kick any dogs, and I don't endorse it in any way outside of its obvious "blogging shock value" purposes. After all - dogs are my 185th best friend.

More NFL Playoffs this weekend... go Chargers! Every time I say "go" about anyone, they immediately lose. Call your bookie.

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