The Day the Music Died

This week's Toon Club topic was "Alien Life Forms." And of everything I could have drawn... I came up with this? Let me explain how this ugly thing came to be.

On about my tenth sketch, I found a face I kind of liked, so I went with what you see here. When I tried drawing an alien-ish gun for him to hold, I thought, "What kind of gun is that? It looks like a trumpet." So I made the "gun" a little more trumpety, threw a marching band uniform on him, and called it done.

Once again - an idea is born from my lacking ability to draw what I mean to draw. That seems to be my secret. It's amazing how creative you start to seem when your inabilities force you to make concessions. And as long as I'm making concessions, I could really go for a churro and a Coke.

Beware marching band... someone among you doesn't belong.

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