That's My Wife!

This is my pretty wife. We've been married for 943 days... I haven't actually been counting. I've been doing the math to come up with that figure since day 939. That's enough math for a while... glad it's done. On day 946 we're going to Disney World. That is lovely... with "that" referring to both my wife and our upcoming vacation. I probably shouldn't call my wife "that." I'm digging a hole here... better start a new paragraph and forget this one ever happened.

The rest of you can come to this site when you're in the mood for an angry rant or a dumb story or more information on bears eating kids. My wife hears it every day, and then goes to sleep knowing she'll hear more of it tomorrow. What a nightmare! Putting up with me will get her into heaven, though, so she can't really complain. I love my wife. That's all I have to say for now.

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