The Chubby Scout

Last night while warming up for a basketball game, I saw a stout little character sprint across the court... though I am taking liberties referring to his fast paced waddle as a "sprint." His frizzy hair stood tall in a Kramer-ish way, and he was wearing a scout uniform.

Was he running across the court on a dare? Or was it already time again for his bi-annual, 30-foot jog? Maybe it was his intense love of basketball dragging his unwilling body around the gym. Whatever the case, it was surreal, and he made such a fine character that I knew he would be the subject of today's blog post. Fat, little Kramer scout... you're an inspiration to me.

I wonder if his troop ever goes on camp outs. The bears in that forest better have coolers handy, because there's gonna be leftovers.

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