My Very Own Office

Got this new job... got my own office. This drawing of me in my office is a little unfair, because I actually have a computer, a desk, and a phone. This isn't exactly how my new office looks, but it's exactly how it feels. The rest of my department is down the hall to the right. Sometimes I can hear them laughing or working on stuff. By the time I get there the laughing is already gone. So it's pretty much just me... sitting quietly in my office. I don't have a key card yet, so my access to the building is limited. If I go to the bathroom, I get locked out in the hall, so I have to borrow someone else's key card if I use the restroom. It's like asking your 3rd grade teacher for a hall pass, but somehow even more demeaning. Yesterday I got my hands on some paper and a pencil shortly after lunch. That was like getting a promotion... and on my very first day! I have my own office. It's quiet and flourescently lit.

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