"The Song of the South"

Every day that passes is another day that Disney has failed to release "The Song of the South" on DVD. That's right - the very same Disney that is currently selling out all of its classic films by making sequels to earn some easy money through the DVD market has refused to release one of their most popular movies. So why are they sitting on this particular film? Isn't it obvious? It's because it's "offensive."

What isn't offensive? Can you think of anything that doesn't offend some group of people? There are handfulls of people just waiting to be offended by everything that exists or will exist. So why, in a world that eagerly hands out awards to films that are "edgy" are we still offended by an old cartoon about a happy man who tells funny stories to kids? You know what? You're going to be offended by something. But give it about three days and something else will take its place. If Disney were to finally release this, maybe it would be in the news for a day... then someone would say a prayer in a school somewhere, and everyone would forget about it. This is a great movie. I suggest you all take your day of being offended by it so I can have it on my DVD shelf forever.

The picture above was drawn by Bill Peet, my favorite story guy at Disney. In the last few days I've been thinking a lot about Bill Peet and what he did in his life. He was my favorite author when I was a kid... his books were the only ones I ever read in elementary school. Looking at his site a few days ago, I was reminded how I need to get to work on my first children's book. I know the story... I even have a rhyming dictionary to help me pull it off. I just haven't gotten around to doing it yet. But it's coming in the next couple of years. Hopefully "The Song of the South" will be on DVD by then. I'm sure my book will offend some people, and I don't care.

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